A few of my genealogical sites and resources:

Whipple One-Name Study

Officially began on January 7, 1997 as the Whipple Website (, Database ( and Genweb ( In mid-2021 the site moved to London’s Guild of One-Name Studies, where it resides at  (The Genweb is still active.)

Mabel Law Atkinson, 1897-1962

A writer, my maternal grandmother self-published three poetry books. Some 300 of her poems, a number of short stories, and other writings appear on a blog at

Alexander Schreiner, 1901-1987

My wife’s great uncle Alexander Schreiner was Organist at the Salt Lake Tabernacle from 1924 to 1977. A blog of information supplied by his son John appears at It includes a toast he read at our wedding.

Walter LeGrand Whipple, 1919-2000

The site has photos, love letters, etc., related to my father.

My Ahnentafel Chart

A fairly old Ahnentafel chart shows some of my ancestors.

In April-May 1973 I typed a series of pedigree charts that purportedly trace my ancestry back to Adam. (Hint: Charlemagne is #4 on chart 100, #4 on chart 102, #16 on chart 107, #8 on chart 109; Willliam the Conquerer is #2 on chart 71 [and other places]; Adam and Noah are on chart 134.) CAUTION: This is only a curiosity–much of the information is unvetted or  in error or suspect. (I am personally confident, however, that I descend from Noah … and thus from Adam.)

Dewey Albert Whipple Photo CD

The site has images (dating from the 1980s?) of some descendants of my grandfather.