How to Configure a VPS2 for DNSBL/RBL

These steps will give your VPS the same DNS blacklists as the Signature servers use.

Step 1. Identify your sendmail macro configuration file.

  1. Issue the command "hostname" on your VPS, and note the output.
  2. Look in the /etc/mail directory for a file whose name starts with the hostname from a. above, with ".mc" suffixed. Issue these commands (as root):
       cd /etc/mail
  3. If you don't see the <hostname>.mc file in the output of the "ls" command, then issue this command (still in the /etc/mail directory):
    The "make" command should create a <hostname>.mc file for you. (Verify that it does by re-entering the "ls" command)

Step 2. Modify the <hostname>.mc file

Using your favorite editor, insert two lines in the <hostname>.mc file:

(Note: insert them immediately *before* or *after* some other FEATURE lines. DO NOT insert them at the very beginning or at the very end of the file!!)
(Note 2: Be care ful with the quote marks in the feature lines--the first quote mark is a "back-quote"--beneath the Esc key on my keyboard; the second quote mark is the apostrophe--to the right of the semicolon key on my keyboard.)
Warning: If your favorite editor is a Windows editor and you use FTP to transfer the file to your PC, be sure to use TEXT mode to transfer--not binary mode!!

Step 3. Generate a and restart sendmail

On the VPS, with /etc/mail as the current directory, issue these commands:

   make install
   make restart

After each command, look at the output to see if there are any syntax (or other errors).

Step 4. Check the mail log to make sure sendmail still works

Type the following command (still as root):

   less /var/log/maillog

While viewing the mail log, go to the bottom of the log be pressing


Look for sendmail error messages.

To force the mail log to scroll by as new lines are added, press


(The effect is kind of like the "tail" command. To quit the scrolling, press Control-C. To exit "less", press "q")

Now your VPS has the same DNS blacklists as Signature servers.