August 10, 2005, in ..n Cambridge, England Still waiting for the train to Brandon Mother and child in Lakenheath August 11, three gen.. in the London Metro
In front of Saint Ma.. by Trafalgar Square National Gallery, Trafalgar Square Three generations in Trafalgar Square At the Tower of London
Still at the Tower of London Another view of the Tower Within the Tower's grounds More performers/lecturers at the Tower
Another building at the Tower Not a Beefeater, but..dsman --Alan Nesbitt The Tower of London ..o let a ship through Closing after the ship passed
Back down Another Guardsman at the Tower of London August 12, Bury St. Edmunds Strolling through a garden at Bury
Three generations at Bury Still in the gardens Ruins of an older cathedral at Bury The present-day Cath.. at Bury St. Edmunds
The Magna Carta originated in Bury in 1214 Barbara The Cathedral at Bury St. Edmunds Inside the Cathedral
Another view of the inside Our guide in the Cathedral The ceiling of the Cathedral Stained glass window..he Cathedral at Bury
Another view of the ..t. Edmunds Cathedral The organ at Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral Another view of the organ Still another view of the organ
Another view of the .. at Bury St. Edmunds Mary and the Child J..he Cathedral at Bury Mother, child and to..ide at the Cathedral Grandmother, granddaughter, mother
Big smile! The front of the Cat.. at Bury St. Edmunds St. Edmund's pew (wh..p from Ipswich sits) A smaller organ at t.. at Bury St. Edmunds
Prince Charles and C..se chairs last month Can you see the chur..It's made of stone.) There's that mouse! Stained glass at Bur..t. Edmunds Cathedral
In the market at Bury St. Edmunds Shopping for baby cl.. in Bury St. Edmunds Baby who needs clothes Cutie
Very cute! August 13, breakfast.. Lakenheath, England Nick bowl, don't you think? (I like the bowl ...)
Ready for a boat ride down the Thames Mommy and Daddy Two Bobbies (seen from the Thames) Big Ben
Big(ger) Ben Houses of Parliament Houses of Parliament and Big Ben Looking upstream on ..he boat turns around
Looking across Westm.. Bridge at "The Eye" London Aquarium on t.. Bridge on the right The London Eye causes acrophobia in some Another view of the Eye
Royal Festival Hall Festival Pier (in fr..Royal Festival Hall) Can you guess my old employer? Along the south bank of the Thames
Continuing along the south bank About to something I recognize Tate Modern (the for..kside Power Station) Shakespeare's Globe
Shakespeare's Glove (half-timbered) Pickfords Wharf Southwark--or maybe London--Bridge Southwark Cathedral
More south bank buil..rd the Tower Bridge) Not sure what this s..k building is called The Tower of London Bridge is on the left View of HMS Belfast (ship)
More of HMS Belfast Nice building west of Tower Bridge Approaching the Tower of London Bridge The Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge Victorian warehouses..verted to apartments Close-up of Butlers ..l on the south bank) Dixie Queen
Custom House on the ..Thames (in The City) Old Billingsgate use..n's main fish market Dutch Master blockin.. of Old Billingsgate The 1666 Fire of Lon..nument in the center
London Bridge (Is Falling Down?) Miyuki Maru (Japanese craft?) Samuel Pepys (what the?) St. Paul's Cathedral (dome in background)
We ate Pizza here be..Hard Rock had a fire It was raining as we..a Rotti for the Tube August 14, ready for church The Whipple Museum o..e History of Science
At Cambridge University The museum is closed on Sundays Who is this Whipple? Outside the museum
A woman from Italy l..in for a bio-break. Turn left to the Whi..ple Museum & Library This way to the Whipple Museum and Library Maybe Henry VIII? (T.. College, Cambridge)
Approaching Kings College It is open today! Many nice buildings ..Cambridge University Walking around Cambridge
... and looking around Nice place at Cambridge A bridge over the river Cam Another bridge
A boat under a bridge over the river Cam Another building at Cambridge University I wish I could remember ... More Cambridge University
The two of us More Cambridge Still more Cambridge ... and more
Trinity College at Cambridge On a bridge over the River Cam Several bridges over the Cam Cambridge is one of .. oldest universities
More Cambridge A church on a corner at Cambridge Probably another college at Cambridge? Back to Lakenheath from Cambridge
August 15, Gate to S..ry's Church, Bocking Some early Whipples ..ptized at St. Mary's Inside the gate to St. Mary's St. Mary's Church Hall and Parish Office
Bocking Hall St. Mary's is repute..ugh not in this form Mother and daughter into the church Gravestones in St. Mary's church yard
Bocking is on the no..f Braintree, England Closeup of St. Mary's stone work Not so close up Daughter and granddaughter by the Church
From the outside loo..g through St. Mary's Still smilin' Stained glass at the..y the Virgin Bocking Another door
Inside view of St. Mary's St. Mary's Church Ha..fice in the distance Another view of the ..trance to St. Mary's Matthew Whipple the ..aptized here in 1596
St. Katherine
Holding a spiked wheel, this 4th century Saint refused to make sacrifice to pagan gods and was put to death by being crushed between two spiked wheels.
Another sculpture Probably a king A queen?
Local notices of events at St. Mary's More posts by the front door of St. Mary's A gargoyle? Inside the Parish Office of St. Mary's
St. Mary's Neighbors to the north of St. Mary's A St. Mary's walkway.. street to the north Another view of St. Mary's
... and another Nice tree in the yard of St. Mary's Les Vail, a Church W..d St. Mary's for us.
St. Mary's is normally closed on Mondays.
Monument to Mary Gri..of St. Mary's chapel
The organ at St. Mary's
Recently refurbished at a cost of £35,000
Looking north in St. Mary's Looking up in the bell tower at St. Mary's In the bell tower
Deans and Rectors of Bocking The Dean of Bocking? That same tree Another Bocking ceme..e drove to Braintree
The same cemetery Three generations, w..the Bocking Cemetery Building in the Bocking Cemetery Another view of the cemetery
... and another Yet another Still another Another view of a bu..the Bocking Cemetery
A final resting place A final view of Bocking Cemetery Back to Lakenheath August 16, leaving Brandon for London
Field of grain Between Brandon and London France, from the win..e Eurostar (Chunnel) August 17, the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Vermeer, my favorite ...
Another Vermeer Then to the Mauritshuis in the Hague The girl with the pearl earring In the Hague, the Netherlands
Same place, another person The Mauritshuis (cen..from across the lake Interesting architecture Many bicycles at Den Haag Centraal Station
Square Berlioz in the Hague Hector Berlioz? August 18, France, V.. Rive Droite station Nearing the Palace at Versailles
Versailles Looking around at Versailles Still looking Me at Versailles
Maybe Louis XIV, XV or XVI? Organ at Versailles Versailles garden from inside out Room in the Palace at Versailles
Same room, closer Ceiling Which Louis is this, I wonder Looking out the wind..om Versailles palace
Another Louis? Another ... A throne for a Louis? Continuing our walk ..he Versailles Palace
Garden in back of Versailles Another view A bed at the palace at Versailles A ceiling at Versailles
Mother and children Visitors to Versailles Looking out a window at Versailles Napoleon IV
Garden at Versailles The Versailles gardens Wife Grand Trianon at Versailles Palace
Meticulous pruning In the Versailled gardens ... Closer look Full-sized toy village
Vegetable garden in ..illage at Versailles Well-kept gardens Another August 19, The Louvre. Ah! Vermeer
Still in the Louvre Inside the Louvre Pyramid, the Louvre Another view of the Louvre
Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Louvre Mona Lisa, the Louvre The four seasons Two of the four seasons, closer up
Crown jewels, the Louvre The same jewels, different angle Inverted pyramid, the Louvre My finger, between t..pyramids, the Louvre
Exiting the Louvre The river Seine, Paris, near the Louvre The Isle of Paris, in the distance Approaching Sainte-Chapelle
Entrance ... Inside Sainte-Chapel..aris's first church? Inside Sainte-Chapelle Much stained glass
Outside Sainte-Chapelle Police station integ..with Sainte-Chapelle Approaching Notre Dame Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris
The Last Supper, Notre Dame Birth of Jesus and Flight into Egypt Three Kings visit Jesus Organ in Notre Dame ..k, don't you think?)
Flying buttresses of Notre Dame More blying buttresses A last look at Notre Dame Whistler's Mother, Musée d'Orsay, Paris
Ballet Dancers, Musée d'Orsay Another ballet dancer Impressionist painter, Musée d'Orsay In the Musée d'Orsay, Paris
In the Musée d'Orsay Is this Toulouse-Lautrec's apartment? More impressionism, Musée d'Orsay Eiffel Tower, Paris
Closer view of the Eiffel Tower Queued up to enter the Eiffel Tower Almost there ... Entering at the Pilier Nord
Watch for pickpocket.. at the Eiffel Tower Interesting structures at the Eiffel Tower Dinner at 95 meters, the Eiffel Tower Paris from the restaurant window
Continuing our dinne.. at the Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower at night With strobes dsc00836
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