Album: Germany 2007
1. Manhattan: Barbar..mpire State Building
Barbara in the foyer of the Empire State Building, September 5, 2007.
2. Manhattan: Barbar..mpire State Building
Barbara on the Empire State Building observation deck.
3. Manhattan: Looking Northeast
Barbara looking to the northeast from the Empire State Building.
4. Manhattan: Northeast Manhattan
Northeast Manhattan from the ESB.
5. Manhattan: MetLife Building
This used to be the PamAm building.
6. Manhattan: Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building in center.
7. Manhattan: North Manhattan
Looking due north from the Empire State Building.
8. Manhattan: Toward New Jersey
Looking west toward New Jersey from the Empire State Building.
9. Manhattan: South from ESB
Looking south from the Empire State Building.
10. Manhattan: South, Later
Looking south from the ESB, later.
11. Manhattan: Weldon in the ESB
Weldon in the foyer of the Empire State Building, as we were leaving.
12. Manhattan: Barbara at Circle Line
Before our trip around Manhattan by boat.
13. Manhattan: Manhattan and ESB
Looking east from our boat, headed south on the Hudson River.
14. Manhattan: Manhattan from the Hudson
Looking at Manhattan, further south.
15. Manhattan: Jersey City, NJ
Looking west from the Hudson.
16. Manhattan: Southern Manhattan
Brooklyn is in the distance (on the right).
17. Manhattan: Ellis Island 18. Manhattan: Statue of Liberty
Give me your tired, your poor ...
19. Manhattan: From a distance
Lady Liberty from a distance.
20. Manhattan: Southern Manhattan
As our boat headed east from the Statue of Liberty.
21. Manhattan: East River
Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges in the distance, Manhattan on the left.
22. Manhattan: Southern Manhattan
Taken from the East River.
23. Manhattan: Southern Manhattan
Further north, taken from the East River.
24. Manhattan: Brooklyn Bridge
Looking westward toward Manhattan.
25. Manhattan: Brooklyn Bridge
Looking eastward toward Brooklyn
26. Manhattan: Manhattan Bridge
Looking toward Manhattan. (Manhattan Bridge is north of the Brooklyn Bridge.)
27. Manhattan: Williamsburg Bridge
Looking toward Manhattan.
28. Manhattan: ESB from East River
Manhattan and the Empire State Building from the East River.
29. Manhattan: ESB and Chrysler
The Empire State and Chrysler buildings among other skyscrapers.
30. Manhattan: United Nations
Taken from the East River.
31. Manhattan: Yankee Stadium
East of the East River as we continued heading northward on the East River.
32. Manhattan: Rural Area
What? A rural area in Manhattan! Northern Manhattan rural area looking east from the Hudson.
33. Manhattan: New Jersey
On the right as we headed south again on the Hudson River.
34. Manhattan: Grant's Tomb
Left of the center of the photo, taken from the Hudson River.
35. Manhattan: Times Square
After the cruise around Manhattan and lunch at a Greek restaurant.
36. Manhattan: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Barbara outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan.
37. Manhattan: Barbara
Inside a tomb in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan.
38. Manhattan: Weldon
Inside a tomb in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan.
39. Manhattan: Temple of Dendur
Barbara at the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan.
40. Manhattan: Temple of Dendur
Weldon at the Temple of Dendur.
41. Manhattan: Red Roof Inn
Our hotel at 6 West 32nd Street, New York, NY.
42. Manhattan: Red Roof Inn
Another view of the Red Roof Inn.
43. Manhattan: Empire State Building
Taken from the lobby of the Red Roof Inn, New York, NY.
44. Frankfurt: Frankfurt, Germany
This bus met us at the Frankfurt Airport.
45. Bad Wimpfen: Charlemagne
Barbara as we arrive at the Charlemagne (our cruise ship) at Bad Wimpfen.
46. Bad Wimpfen: Barge
A typical barge (one of many) on the Rhine.
47. Bad Wimpfen
Leaving for a walking tour of Bad Wimpfen.
48. Bad Wimpfen
The first building on our walking tour of Bad Wimpfen.
49. Bad Wimpfen: Railroad Tracks
Crossing the railroad tracks in Bad Wimpfen, Germany.
50. Bad Wimpfen: Old and New
A mixture of old and new in Bad Wimpfen.
51. Bad Wimpfen: Speeding Signs
Like the U.S., Germany has signs to report your driving speed.
52. Bad Wimpfen: Hotel
Nice hotel! (Please shut the door.)
53. Bad Wimpfen: Green
Lots of green in Bad Wimpfen. (Germany is no desert.)
54. Bad Wimpfen: Half-Timber
Half-timbered houses are everywhere in Bad Wimpfen.
55. Bad Wimpfen: Bicycler, Graffiti
Bicycler in Bad Wimpfen. (Note graffiti on door).
56. Bad Wimpfen: Tunnel
Picturesque tunnel in Bad Wimpfen.
57. Bad Wimpfen: Transmitters
F. Enzio Busche spoke on a transmitter; we listened on receivers.
58. Bad Wimpfen: Castle
Castle and beautiful half-timbered building in Bad Wimpfen.
59. Bad Wimpfen: Barbara
Barbara in Bad Wimpfen.
60. Bad Wimpfen: Cobble-stone Street
Narrow cobble-stone street in Bad Wimpfen.
61. Bad Wimpfen: Eclectic
Contrasting architecture of adjoining houses in Bad Wimpfen.
62. Bad Wimpfen: Cyclers
Barbara and cyclers in Bad Wimpfen.
63. Bad Wimpfen: Weldon
Weldon in Bad Wimpfen.
64. Bad Wimpfen: Barbara
Barbara with the tour group in Bad Wimpfen.
65. Bad Wimpfen
This is Bad Wimpfen.
66. Bad Wimpfen: Tour Group
Barbara and the tour group in Bad Wimpfen.
67. Bad Wimpfen: Up Close
Barbara up close in Bad Wimpfen. Note the varied pillars.
68. Bad Wimpfen: Bas Relief
Some bas relief in Bad Wimpfen.
69. Bad Wimpfen: More Bad Wimpfen
Continuing our walk through Bad Wimpfen.
70. Bad Wimpfen: Still More
More new surroundings in Bad Wimpfen.
71. Bad Wimpfen: No Sidewalks
No sidewalks to speak of in Bad Wimpfen--at least, not here.
72. Bad Wimpfen: Bryant McOmber
Bryant McOmber and a street in Bad Wimpfen.
73. Bad Wimpfen: Tour Members
F. Enzio and Jutta Busche, Joan Sumsion, Ilona Tyler.
74. Bad Wimpfen: Another Building
Another Bad Wimpfen building.
75. Bad Wimpfen: Church
Church in Bad Wimpfen.
76. Bad Wimpfen: Manch mall
A mall--Manch mall--in Bad Wimpfen.
77. Bad Wimpfen: Walk
We continued to walk through Bad Wimpfen.
78. Bad Wimpfen
... and walked ...
79. Bad Wimpfen
... and walked ...
80. Bad Wimpfen
... and walked ...
81. Bad Wimpfen
... and walked ...
82. Bad Wimpfen
... and walked ...
83. Bad Wimpfen
... and walked ... (nice shingles!)
84. Bad Wimpfen
... and walked ... (gray half timber is interesting.)
85. Bad Wimpfen
... and walked.
86. Bad Wimpfen: Fahrting
Lots of fahrting around in Germany.
87. Traveling: Castle
A castle, seen from the Charlemagne.
88. Traveling: Top Deck
The top deck of the Charlemagne.
89. Traveling: To Heidelberg
Traveling from Bad Wimpfen to Heidelberg, September 9, 2007.
90. Traveling: Graffiti
Graffiti artists in Germany, too.
91. Traveling: To Heidelberg
Traveling to Heidelberg.
92. Heidelberg: Friedrichsbau
Friedrichsbau, in the Heidelberg Castle complex.
93. Heidelberg: Heidelberg Castle
Window in Heidelberg Castle.
94. Heidelberg: Ruprechtsbau
Ruprechtsbau (Heidelberg Castle)
95. Heidelberg: Solar clock
Solar clock in Heidelberg Castle.
96. Heidelberg: Friedrichsbau
Friedrichsbau close up.
97. Heidelberg: Friedrich V
Friedrich V (I think).
98. Heidelberg: Keg
One big keg in Heidelberg Castle.
99. Heidelberg: Heidelberg Castle
Inside Heidelberg Castle.
100. Heidelberg: Heidelberg Castle
Still inside Heidelberg Castle.
101. Heidelberg: Heidelberg Castle
Looking down from Heidelberg Castle.
102. Heidelberg: Heidelberg Castle
Another view from atop Heidelberg Castle.
103. Heidelberg: Heidelberg Castle
Leaving Heidelberg Castle.
104. Heidelberg: Heidelberg Castle
(still leaving)
105. Heidelberg: Heidelberg Proper
Out of the castle, into Heidelberg proper.
106. Heidelberg: Heiliggeistkirche
Barbara in front of Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Ghost Church), Heidelberg.
107. Heidelberg: Downtown
Downtown Heidelberg.
108. Heidelberg
Another view.
109. Heidelberg: Haus zum Ritter
Haus zum Ritter, Heidelberg. (Ritter = Knight)
110. Heidelberg: Heiliggeistkirche
Heiliggeistkirche, Heidelberg.
111. Heidelberg: Heiliggeistkirche
Heiliggeistkirche, another view.
112. Heidelberg: Heiliggeistkirche
Heilliggeistkirche, yet another view.
113. Heidelberg: Cat Statue
Barbara next to cat statue in Heidelberg ...
114. Heidelbert: Mouse
... next to the mouse the cat is eyeing.
115. Heidelberg: River Neckar
River Neckar in Heidelberg.
116. Heidelberg
Looking toward Heiliggeistkirche in Heidelberg.
117. Heidelberg: Pfaffengasse
Barbara at Pfaffengasse, showing Neckar high water marks.
118. Heidelberg
Street in Heidelberg.
119. Heidelberg: Jesuitkirchen
Jesuitenkirchen, Heidelberg.
120. Heidelberg
Interesting Building
121. Heidelberg: University Museum
University Museum, Heidelberg.
122. Heidelberg: University Museum
Closeup of University Museum.
123. Heidelberg: University Museum
Another photo of University Museum(?)
124. Traveling: Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear reactor seen from the Rhine.
125. Traveling: Church
Church between Heidelberg and Frankfurt am Main.
126. Frankfurt: Temple
Barbara and Weldon at the Frankfurt Temple.
127. Frankfurt: Temple
Barbara and Weldon at the Frankfurt Temple (another pose).
128. Frankfurt: Temple
Still another.
129. Frankfurt: Group Photo
The entire cruise group.
130. Frankfurt: Same Group
Zoomed out.
131. Frankfurt: House
Kenny Seng and F. Enzio Busche in house at Frankfurt Temple grounds.
132. Frankfurt: House
Another view of the same house.
133. Frankfurt: House
Wall in the same house.
134. Frankfurt: HLT
HLT (LDS) on door of the house.
135. Frankfurt: Barbara
Barbara at the Frankfurt Temple.
136. Mainz: First Photo
Kathy Thomas in Mainz.
137. Mainz: Gutenberg Museum
Barbara in front of the Gutenberg Museum, Mainz.
138. Mainz: Mime
A mime in Mainz.
139. Mainz: St. Bonifatius
Barbara by statue of St. Bonifatius, Mainz.
140. Mainz: Mime
Weldon and mime, Mainz.
141. Mainz: Barbara
Barbara in Mainz.
142. Bingen
Congregating at the Hildegarde von Bingen Museum.
143. Bingen
Listening to Hildegarde, an expert on Hildegarde von Bingen.
144. Traveling
En route to Marksburg Castle from Bingen.
145. Traveling
Preparing to cross the Rhine (by bus) to visit Marksburg Castle.
146. Marksburg Castle
Arriving at Marksburg Castle.
147. Marksburg Castle
Climbing to Marksburg Castle.
148. Marksburg Castle
Marksburg: the only castle on the Rhine that has never been destroyed.
149. Marksburg Castle
Slit for shooting at enemies from within the Marksburg Castle.
150. Marksburg Castle
Listening to the guide at Marksburg.
151. Marksburg Castle: Coats of Arms
Coats of arms in Marksburg Castle.
152. Marksburg Castle: Courtyard
Across the courtyard in Marksburg.
153. Marksburg Castle: Looking Up
Looking up at Marksburg Castle from below.
154. Marksburg Castle: Cannons
Cannons in Marksburg.
155. Marksburg Castle: Barge
A barge on the Rhine, seen from the Marksburg Castle.
156. Marksburg Castle: Look out Below
Look out below! The "toilet" emptied onto the path below.
157. Marksburg Castle: Toilet
The previous toilet, as seen from inside the Castle.
158. Marksburg Castle
Inside Marksburg Castle.
159. Marksburg Castle: Plates
Plates in Marksburg Castle.
160. Marksburg Castle
Another room in Marksburg Castle.
161. Marksburg Castle: Kitchen
Kitchen in Marksburg Castle.
162. Marksburg Castle: Listening
Listening to our guide in Marksburg.
163. Marksburg Castle
Another room.
164. Marksburg Castle
Double bed.
165. Marksburg Castle: Tiny
Double bed is tiny by today's standards.
166. Marksburg Castle: Music room
Music room in Marksburg Castle.
167. Marksburg Castle: Ceiling
Ceiling of a Marksburg Castle room (the chapel?)
168. Marksburg Castle: Loom
Loom in Marksburg Castle.
169. Marksburg Castle: Armor
Armor exhibit in Marksburg Castle.
170. Marksburg Castle
More armor.
171. Marksburg Castle: Torture
Stretch bed in Marksburg Castle torture chamber.
172. Traveling
This evening's dinner on the Charlemagne was a fancy tin-foil dinner!!
173. Traveling: Fog
Too foggy to see the Lorelei.
174. Traveling: Captain
Visiting the captain in the Charlemagne.
175. Koblenz: Equestrian Statue
Emperor Wilhelm I's equestrian statue in Koblenz.
176. Koblenz: Campers
Germans like to camp, too!
177. Koblenz: From Boat
View from the boat in Koblenz.
178. Koblenz: Barbara
Barbara in Koblenz.
179. Koblenz
Building with clock in Koblenz.
180. Koblenz: Evangelische Florins Kirche
Evangelische Florins Kirche, Koblenz.
181. Koblenz: Evangelische Florins Kirche
Another view, Ev. Florins Kirche.
182. Koblenz: Statue
Statue in Koblenz.
183. Koblenz: Pfefferminzje
Pfefferminzje statue, Koblenz.
184. Koblenz: Pfefferminzje
Base of Pfefferminzje statue, Koblenz.
185. Koblenz: Street Scene
Koblenz street scene.
186. Koblenz
Another Koblenz scene.
187. Koblenz
A Koblenz plaza.
188. Koblenz
... and another.
189. Koblenz: Drug Store
A drug store in Koblenz.
190. Koblenz: Drug Store
Another view of the same.
191. Koblenz: Four Corners
One of the (famous) four corners in Koblenz.
192. Koblenz: Four Corners
Another of the four corners.
193. Koblenz: Four Corners
... and another corner.
194. Koblenz: Four Corners
Plaque in the middle of the intersection.
195. Koblenz: Plaza
A plaza in Koblenz.
196. Koblenz: Tour members
Barbara Richards, Yahna Christensen, and our guide, Solveig.
197. Koblenz: Plaza
Another view of a Koblenz plaza.
198. Koblenz: Plaza
... and another (view).
199. Koblenz: Pond Statue
Pond statue in Koblenz.
200. Koblenz: Street
Another Koblenz street.
201. Koblenz: Plaza
A(nother) plaza in Koblenz.
202. Koblenz: Solveig
Solveig, our guide, in Koblenz.
203. Koblenz: Fountain
Fountain in Koblenz.
204. Koblenz: 2000 Years Old
2000 year history of Koblenz.
205. Koblenz: Barges
Barges on the Rhine/Mosul, Koblenz.
206. Koblenz: Basilika St Castor
Basilika St Castor, Koblenz.
207. Koblenz: Basilika St Castor
Plaque on St Kastor-Basilika.
208. Koblenz: Basilika St Castor
St Kastor-Basilika.
209. Koblenz: Basilika St Castor
Another view of St Castor Basilika, Koblenz.
210. Koblenz: Scene
Another scene, Koblenz.
211. Koblenz: England
A men's chorus from Sheffield, England, sang a concert here.
212. Koblenz: Nick
This Koblenz store reminded us of Nick.
213. Charlemagne: Cooks and Crew
The cooks and crew of the Charlemagne.
214. Charlemagne: Captain and Crew
The captain and crew of the Charlemagne.
215. Charlemagne: Farewell Dinner
Weldon on the Charlemagne, our last evening in Germany (Sept. 13).
216. Charlemagne: Farewell Dinner
Barbara at the farewell dinner on the Charlemagne, September 13.
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