Chinese Drama

Now that I’m learning Mandarin, these are some Chinese Dramas that have been recommended to me:

  1. When a Snail Falls in Love

In Progress (7/13/2018)

  • The Disguiser

CDramas Completed

  1. Nirvana in Fire = 琅琊榜. Finally found a Chinese Drama that I like—even understood an occasional Mandarin word/phrase! Historical (fictional?) Chinese drama, a whopping 54 episodes long. Difficult to “get into” because of the challenges of so many characters with similar names and looks. Uncertain if/when I’ll ever watch another CDrama? Watched final episode on 5/1/2017 on @Viki. (Also watched some episodes on @DramaFever.) It took 4-5 months to finish all the episodes.


  1. My Amazing Boyfriend (China). Tried unsuccessfully to stay awake through nearly two episodes. Finally gave up 5/11/2016.
  2. Murphy’s Law of Love (Taiwan). Couldn’t make it through the first episode. 7/2/16
  3. Love O2O. Slept through episode 1 on 12/24/2016. Video game-related.
  4. Ice Fantasy. Watched one episode.