Japanese Drama

Now that I’ve watched quite a few (more than 80) complete Korean Dramas, I’m getting interested in Japanese Dramas.

Ideas for Possible Future JDrama Viewing

  • Love Stories from Fukuoka

In Progress (10/20/2018)

  • Doctor X, season 2  (Amazon Prime)
  • The Perfect Insider

JDramas completed

  1. Ando Lloyd = 安堂ロイド.  A physicist dies and comes back to life as an android. His fiancée tries to love the android.
  2. Minami-kun no Koi-bito (My Little Lover) = 南くんの恋人 (5 stars). Finished on 2/3/2016. The perfect fairy tale. My favorite JDrama. 5 stars.
  3. Future Diary = 未来日記. Manga-based drama about 7 people with special phones that predict the future.  (DramaFever).
  4. Tenchū = 天誅. Female ninga time travels 400 years ahead to the present day.
  5. The Hours of My Life = 僕のいた時間.  An ordinary university student learns that he has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Extremely heart warming. 5 stars.
  6. Galileo = ガリレオ.  A university professor helps a detective woman solve some “mysteries.” Episodic. Each episode is self-contained. Originally abandoned after watching all but two episodes. Decided to return to watch it.
  7. Clinic on the Sea = 海の上の診療所. A hospital boat goes around the inland sea of Japan visiting small islands. After abandoning this after two episodes, returned to watch all 11 episodes. 3 stars.
  8. Good Morning Call = グッドモーニング・コール.  Based on a manga series. On Netflix. Finished 11/23/2016.
  9. From Five to Nine =  5時から9時まで. Quit after 5 episodes of the male lead–a Buddhist monk–being a total jerk.  Revisited later and liked the last 5 episodes (6-10). Finished  1/27/2017. On KissAsian.com
  10. We Married as a Job = 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ. An unemployed woman cleans house for a terminally shy man 10 years older. They decide to (pretend to?) get married “as a job.” Very funny–one of my favorite Japanese Dramas. Finished on 2/1/2017. On NewAsianTV.me.
  11. It’s Sudden but Tomorrow We’re Getting Married = 突然ですが明日結婚します(on @KissAsian and @NewAsianTV and maybe a few others.) A girl from a happy family meets a television star. She wants to get married; he doesn’t. (I won’t spoil it for you.)
  12. Koinaka = 恋仲 (“Love” or “Love Relationship”). Two grade schoolers named Aoi fall for the same girl. Years later one of them marries the girl. Which one will it be? Finished on 3/27/2017 on @Viki.
  13. I’m Mita, Your Houskeeper = 家政婦のミタ.  A dysfunctional family becomes even more dysfunctional until a dysfunctional housekeeper shows up. Watched last episode 4/23/2017 on @Viki.
  14. I’m Your Destiny = ボク、運命の人です (on @KissAsian)
  15. Dating: What’s It Like to Be in Love? = デート – 恋とはどんなものかしら?  [ Deto – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira?] (on @KissAsian)
  16. Sunshine = おひさま.  This would have been our 11th Japanese Drama, but its subtitles weren’t all translated. Initially watched episodes 1-21 and 31-40 in late 2016. In June or July 2017 we noticed that episodes 22-30 and 41-52  had been translated, so we resumed. Finished episode 52 on 5 Oct 2017 on @Viki. The plot had its ups and downs, but ended on a happy note. It begins in the period leading up to World War II and ends in about 1953, as narrated by a woman in the  present-day.
  17. Teddy Go! 4 30-minute episodes. Not sure what it was about, but it was good Japanese practice.
  18. Long Vacation (YouTube, 11 episodes). A piano student’s roommate is a no show, leaving his prospective bride high and dry.
  19. Hero [2001] (YouTube, 11 episodes). About prosecutors in Tokyo.
  20. Gokusen [Part 1] (YouTube). 3rd generation yakuza heiress becomes a high school teacher to a bunch of hoodlums.
  21. Ryōmaden = 龍馬伝 (DramaFever, 48 episodes). Historical drama that chronicles the role of Sakamoto Ryōma in Japan’s modernization in the 19th century. He was instrumental in the development of Japan’s navy in response to the arrival of the American Commodore Matthew Perry’s 1853. His efforts were part of what led to the transfer of power from the Shogun to the Emperor and the Meiji Restoration in the late 1860’s. (Fascinating for this former student of Japanese.)
  22. Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light = ファイナルファンタジーXIV 光のお父さん. A Father and son play Final Fantasy III when it is released. Then, years later, they play Final Fantasy IV.  Watched all eight short episodes of this TV drama on Netflix on 22-23 February 2018.
  23. Yae’s Sakura = 八重の桜. (DramaFever, 50 episodes). Historical drama about Niijima Yae, a skilled markswoman during the period of the Meiji Restoration. She received the nickname “Bakumatsu Joan of Arc.” (Bakumatsu refers to the final years of the Edo period when the Tokugawa shogunate ended, between 1853 and 1867.) If you enjoy Ryōmaden, you’ll like this one. Watched final episode 1 May 2018.
  24. Partners by Blood / Bitter Blood = ビター・ブラッド.  Rookie detective is assigned to work with his father. Funny until the last three episodes, which were a bomb. Finished 13 June 2018. On DramaFever.
  25. Satorare.  About a brilliant physician who was a Satorare—a fictional category of individuals whose thoughts could be heard by everyone nearby. Finished on 16 Jun 2018.
  26. By Chance (2018) =恋上你的颜. Feature movie. A Chinese woman who has been pursuing her doctorate in psychology for eight years has her thesis rejected yet again. She receives an email from a Japanese businessman who wants to take her photograph—her photo posted on social media looks just like his late fiancée, who died without him being able to take her photo. On Viki
  27. Doctor X (season 1). A free-lance female doctor goes against the Japanese medical establishment. Finished season 1 on 4 Aug 2018. On Amazon Prime.
  28. Switched = 宇宙(そら)を駆けるよだか.  A high school girl watches another girl attempt suicide by jumping off a roof. She doesn’t die. Instead, the two girls switch bodies. 6 episodes on Netflix.
  29. Mary and the Witch’s Flower = メアリと魔女の花. Feature movie, animated, about a girl who finds a mysterious flower that empowers her to become a witch for one night. The 6th highest grossing movie in Japan in 2017. Watched 18 August 2018 on Netflix.
  30. Love and Hong Kong (2017) = 恋する香港.   A Japanese actress is in Hong Kong for a shoot. Another Japanese woman uses the actress’s photo as her avatar. A scuffle ensues, and the actress is kidnapped in the place of the other woman. Watched final (4th) episode on Netflix 26 Sep 2018.
  31. Black Leather Notebook = 黒革の手帖. A woman gets a job as a temp at a bank to pay off debts of her late mother. The becomes a hostess at a club on the Ginza in Tokyo. Watched episodes 1–4 and 8 only. (Skipped 5–7 out of boredom.) Finished 12 Oct 2018 on DramaFever.
  32. Trumpet on a Cliff = 絶壁の上のトランペット. Full-length feature film. A woman photography student in Tokyo has a heart transplant and goes to Okinawa to recover. She meets Zio, who plays trumpet on a cliff. (He also plays a mean carrot that sounds like a beautiful clarinet!) Viewed 18 Oct 2018 on Viki.

JDramas Abandoned

  1. Secret Message (JDrama/Kdrama). No plot. Couldn’t figure this one out.
  2. Rainbow Rose. Hyper giggly Korean drama, overdubbed in Japanese with English subtitles. Slept through episode 1 on 12/2/2016.  Can’t bear to watch another episode.
  3. Second to Last Love. I was initially very hopeful about this. However, after the two main actors slept together in episode 2 and talked openly about it at the beginning of episode 3, I lost all interest.
  4. 99 Days with a Star = 僕とスターの99日
  5. Samurai Gourmet (Netflix)
  6. Doctor X (medical)
  7. You’re My Pet. Watched one episode. Too “kinky.”
  8. Atelier. A company in Tokyo makes custom women’s underwear.
  9. No Dropping Out, Back to School (an adult in high school)
  10. Blue Fire. Main character goes to art school, only to realize that many others are as good as he is. Watched 1-2 episodes.
  11. Hibana. About a comedian.
  12. Midnight Diner. Stopped after 1 1/3 episodes as it exceeded my threshold of raciness.
  13. Mischievous Kiss (Japanese version). Watched 4-5 episodes.
  14. Spring Has Come. Watched 2 episodes. Abandoned after it became apparent that the father was secretly a drag queen.
  15. Queen of Mystery. Lost interest after 5-6 episodes.
  16. Erased. Children are in danger of being murdered. Watched one episode.
  17. Kantaro, Sweet-Toothed Salary Man
  18. Vampire Heaven