Hello TechNotes, Farewell Technoids!

On June 5, 2003, I purchased the technoids.org domain while employed by a web hosting company that sold to resellers, who in turn sold web space to customers. At the time, my chief duty was helping resellers (and customers?) configure Sendmail. My employer liked to remain anonymous (so that end customers wouldn’t realize that their hosting company was a reseller).

(Prior to working for this employer, I had purchased the whipple.org domain from a reseller. I had no idea that the hosting company was a reseller. I was even more surprised to learn that the whipple.org hosting company was a reseller for my new employer!)

Since those days I have had several new employers. After spending so much time writing Sendmail documents, I hated to let them go–in case they might help someone, somewhere, sometime. At the same time, I now realize that they are probably out-of-date … and there is no longer any need for using the pseudonyms I used 12 years ago.

With that in mind, I have moved what’s left of technoids.org to my own web site.

I hope you enjoy it. We’ll see who purchases the technoids.org domain when it expires next year.

Technoids.org Revisited

Over the past few years Technoids.org has accumulated significant cruft through neglect and the accelerating passage of technological time.

As a result, much of Technoids.org has become outdated.

This week I moved it to a WordPress site, deleting most of the old pages and links. I hope I didn’t go overboard.

Enjoy the site. (Even if you don’t, I will–I use it all the time!)

–The Technoid