Chinese Drama

Now that I’m learning Mandarin, these are some Chinese Dramas that have been recommended to me:

  1. Love Now (China)
  2. Just You (Taiwan)
  3. Fall in Love with Me (Taiwan)
  4. Drunken to Love You (Taiwan)
  5. Love or Spend (Taiwan)
  6. Princess Weiyoung (1917) (China)
  7. When I See You Again (China)
  8. When a Snail Falls in Love

In Progress (12/26/2016)

  • Nirvana in Fire. (Finally found a Chinese Drama that I like–even understand some of the Mandarin!)


  1. My Amazing Boyfriend (China). Tried unsuccessfully to stay awake through nearly two episodes. Finally gave up 5/11/2016.
  2. Murphy’s Law of Love (Taiwan). Couldn’t make it through the first episode. 7/2/16
  3. Love O2O. Slept through episode 1 on 12/24/2016. Video game-related.

well done …