Japanese Drama

Now that I’ve watched quite a few (more than 80) complete Korean Dramas, I’m getting interested in Japanese Dramas.

Ideas for Possible Future JDrama Viewing

  1. Sumika Sumire (Vimeo and YouTube, 8 episodes)
  2. Ouroboros
  3. Shitamachi Rocket
  4. Hanazawa Naoki
  5. ST: Scientific Task Force (aka Scientific Investigation Squad)
  6. IQ246
  7. Jin (time travel)
  8. The Girls Speech (high school)
  9. Doctor X (medical)
  10. Doctors Affairs (busy; meets @ older age)
  11. Dear Sister (missing 10 years)
  12. Doctor X 2013
  13. Vampire Heaven (2 vampires like the same human)
  14. Galileo 2007
  15. My Little Nightmare (student has dreams about people)
  16. Lady Girls (40-year-old career woman)
  17. Quartet
  18. Bewitched in Tokyo

In Progress (8/31/2017)

  • Sunshine (finishing, now that all episodes are translated)
  • Gokusen
  • Blue Fire
  • No Dropping Out, Back to School (an adult in high school)

JDramas completed

  1. Ando Lloyd = 安堂ロイド.  A physicist dies and comes back to life as an android. His fiancée tries to love the android.
  2. Minami-kun no Koi-bito (My Little Lover) = 南くんの恋人 (5 stars). Finished on 2/3/2016. The perfect fairy tale. My favorite JDrama. 5 stars.
  3. Future Diary = 未来日記. Manga-based drama about 7 people with special phones that predict the future.  (DramaFever).
  4. Tenchū = 天誅. Female ninga time travels 400 years ahead to the present day.
  5. The Hours of My Life = 僕のいた時間.  An ordinary university student learns that he has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Extremely heart warming. 5 stars.
  6. Galileo = ガリレオ.  A university professor helps a detective woman solve some “mysteries.” Episodic. Each episode is self-contained. Originally abandoned after watching all but two episodes. Decided to return to watch it.
  7. Clinic on the Sea = 海の上の診療所. A hospital boat goes around the inland sea of Japan visiting small islands. After abandoning this after two episodes, returned to watch all 11 episodes. 3 stars.
  8. Good Morning Call = グッドモーニング・コール.  Based on a manga series. On Netflix. Finished 11/23/2016.
  9. From Five to Nine =  5時から9時まで. Quit after 5 episodes of the male lead–a Buddhist monk–being a total jerk.  Revisited later and liked the last 5 episodes (6-10). Finished  1/27/2017. On KissAsian.com
  10. We Married as a Job = 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ. An unemployed woman cleans house for a terminally shy man 10 years older. They decide to (pretend to?) get married “as a job.” Very funny–one of my favorite Japanese Dramas. Finished on 2/1/2017. On NewAsianTV.me.
  11. Sunshine = おひさま. I really wanted to see all 52 episodes of this one. However, episodes 22-30 and 41-52 are only partially translated. We watched 1-21 and 31-40 on Viki. If the others are ever translated, I’ll watch the rest.
  12. It’s Sudden but Tomorrow We’re Getting Married = 突然ですが明日結婚します(on @KissAsian and @NewAsianTV and maybe a few others.) A girl from a happy family meets a television star. She wants to get married; he doesn’t. (I won’t spoil it for you.)
  13. Koinaka = 恋仲 (“Love” or “Love Relationship”). Two grade schoolers named Aoi fall for the same girl. Years later one of them marries the girl. Which one will it be? Finished on 3/27/2017 on @Viki.
  14. I’m Mita, Your Houskeeper = 家政婦のミタ.  A dysfunctional family becomes even more dysfunctional until a dysfunctional housekeeper shows up. Watched last episode 4/23/2017 on @Viki.
  15. I’m Your Destiny = ボク、運命の人です (on @KissAsian)
  16. Dating: What’s It Like to Be in Love? = デート – 恋とはどんなものかしら?  [ Deto – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira?] (on @KissAsian)

JDramas Abandoned

  1. Secret Message (JDrama/Kdrama). No plot. Couldn’t figure this one out.
  2. Rainbow Rose. Hyper giggly Korean drama, overdubbed in Japanese with English subtitles. Slept through episode 1 on 12/2/2016.  Can’t bear to watch another episode.
  3. Second to Last Love. I was initially very hopeful about this. However, after the two main actors slept together in episode 2 and talked openly about it at the beginning of episode 3, I lost all interest.
  4. 99 Days with a Star = 僕とスターの99日
  5. Samurai Gourmet (Netflix)